"1001" Parenting Tips for the Little Want to Open and Story

"1001" Parenting Tips for the Little Want to Open and Story

"1001" Parenting Tips for the Little Want to Open and Story - Astri suddenly "broke down" school. The last few days, the little girl always cried when she woke up and told her mother, Dini, that she did not want to go to school anymore. "My sister baseball want to go to school," said Astri without giving a reason.

Mother Dini is confused. He tried to ask why Astri suddenly did not want to go to school. In fact, during this time, his 5-year-old daughter always seemed excited to get up early and go to school. "Brother dong story, why do not want to go to school," pleaded Mother. "Anyway my enggak want to go to school there," he replied briefly. Early Mother's effort to go to school did not mebuahkan result. The teachers judge, all goes well.

Three days already Astri "strike" to school. Finally, Mother invited her to play the role by using four of her favorite Barbie dolls. Astri named the three dolls by their friend's name, and one uses his own name. "Come on, Mother wants to be a spectator.Brother make a story about brother with friends," said Mother.

Astri obeyed the request of Mother, because all this time she has always played the role with the dolls. In the story he played that day, Astri told him that his friend taunted him because the new Barbie bag he bought was bad. Hearing the story, Mother Dini remembered that the day before the school "strike", Astri asked to wear another bag and did not want to use her new Barbie bag. Mother also get the reason why Astri did not want to go to school and meet the teachers to do counseling about the problem of his son.

A similar story may have been a natural Mother. Although the story is not exactly the same, it was not easy to ask the Little to tell the problems encountered in everyday life and at school. Character of a child who is fussy or likes to tell a story, it does not necessarily make it willing to open with the problems it faces. To stimulate her to be open, Mother had to think various ways. One of them is done by Bunda Dini using puppet media and it effectively make Astri tell her problem.

There are other parenting tips that you can do to keep your child open with what he is experiencing. Quoted from Barbara Sher's book " Tip for Coaching Children's Mind Concentration ", one of them is through the game "Genesis Book". This game will help Mother to know the events experienced by children in their daily life. First, prepare a notebook or picture binder book that catches his attention, pens, crayons, masking tape or glue, things related to the event.

Second, how to use it:

1. If the little one can write, ask him to write down the incident that happened every day. Or, if he has not been able to write, ask him to tell the story and Mother write or describe the story in an interesting caricature. Give the title of the book, for example, "The Genesis Book of Astri".

2. There are various methods that can be used other than writing a story or describing it. For example, by preparing a snippet of pictures related to the activities undertaken every day, and invite him to paste it to form a story line according to the incident.

This book will encourage your Little one to pay attention to what's going on and what they experience, as well as learn to focus on the experience. In addition, he will be easily open to tell everything that happened. Well, so he would be open to Mother, there are some parenting tips that must be considered:

1. Always spend time with your little one. Take the time to share stories about Mother's everyday occurrences, and ask her to do the same

2. Be a good listener. When he was telling stories, Mother should stop all busy or work. Sit next to him, and do not cut when he is talking. That way, he will feel the attention of the Mother.

3. Be right when the Little one made a mistake. Do not yell or scold him for giving the distance between the Mother and him. He will also be reluctant to tell about things for fear of being scolded.