How to Know Baby's Normal Temperature And How To Measure Properly

How to Know Baby's Normal Temperature And How To Measure Properly

How to Know Baby's Normal Temperature And How To Measure Properly

How to Know Baby's Normal Temperature And How To Measure Properly - For parents, it is important to know the baby's normal temperature to quickly realize when the temperature rises or your baby has a fever.

Actually the fever is not a disease, but the symptoms of the disease. Fever arises when the immune system works against a disease and when fighting off infections like viruses and bacteria. However, some conditions when the body temperature rises in infants should be aware and immediately consult a doctor.

Normal range
Some causes of fever in infants, among others, when contracting colds or other viral infections occur. There are other causes such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, ear infections, or other more serious infections such as meningitis.

In addition, the baby's body temperature may rise when dressed too thick, too much in hot areas, or as a reaction to vaccinations.

Baby fever will usually be shown with warm symptoms when touched on the forehead, back, and abdomen. The baby's cheeks will look reddish in color and sometimes the baby feels like you are sweating.

The baby's normal temperature is measured per rectal having a range from 36.6 to 37 degrees Celsius. The temperature per rectal above 38 degrees Celsius was considered a fever.

Parents are encouraged to be alert to fever of 38 degrees Celsius and above in infants under 3 months of age or fever 39 degrees Celsius upward when the baby is 3 to 6 months old. Immediately consult this condition with your pediatrician.

In addition, immediately consult a pediatrician if the fever in the baby is accompanied by other symptoms such as rash, febrile seizures, difficulty breathing, or difficulty drinking. You also need to be aware of fever accompanied by symptoms of dehydration in infants such as dry mouth, cry without tears, sunken crowns in, or a small frequency of urination.

How to Know Baby's Normal Temperature And How To Measure Properly

Touching the baby's forehead is usually done to determine the baby's normal temperature. It is a common symptom of fever. Although, not necessarily the rise in body temperature is classified as fever.

To ensure the temperature of the baby, you need to use a thermometer. The recommended thermometer for infants and children is a digital thermometer, because a mercury thermometer is considered to be toxic if it breaks.

There are several types of thermometers that can be used including those placed in the armpits, ears, mouth, or even that are affixed to the forehead. However, rectal thermometers used in the rectum are considered most accurate and easy to use in infants.

The thermometer used in the rectum is suggested to be chosen by the design of the need. It generally has a flexible end and a wide grip to keep the thermometer from getting too deep.

To use a rectal thermometer, make sure the thermometer is clean. Wash in soapy water or wipe with alcohol. Position baby in prone state.

Then smear a little petroleum jelly on the tip of the thermometer and insert a thermometer about 2 cm in the rectum. Allow some time for the thermometer to sound as a measure of completion. Pull the thermometer and read the result.

Knowing the normal temperature of the baby is advisable to know Baby's Normal Temperature And How To Measure Properly the parents to respond quickly when there is an increase in temperature. Do not hesitate to immediately consult a pediatrician about the condition of the baby.