Infant and toddler tips without caregivers

Infant and toddler tips without caregivers - Mama Nita feels overwhelmed by the care of two children next to her age. Moreover, the behavior of the eldest who demands attention.

"Not yet finished feeding the eldest, the baby crying loudly, often when feeding the baby, the eldest sobbing and tugging at the clothes," Nita complained.

Plus the condition of the house that looks messy because there is no caregiver, making this housewife difficult to sort out where the work first is done.
Infant and toddler tips without caregivers
Not only Nita, maybe some mothers also have similar problems. There is even a mother who has a toddler who has not been weaned, the next baby is born and requires breast milk (breast milk). Be a tandem breastfeeding mother.

Reported by Ayahbunda, some problems will be faced by mothers who have babies and toddlers at once. Stress will arise when the mother is unable to manage the time and share the attention with the baby or toddler. Plus, the lack of support from the nearest person, so that the mother feel tired because less rest.

Not only is the physical condition disturbed, feelings of guilt also arise when the mother feels not paying attention to the older brother. Mom feels that more time is consumed for the baby.

There is also a concern when both children cry and demand attention at the same time. Sometimes, self-pity is felt when you see so many things to do.

Nina Garcia, a mother of three children with twins and the author of the book Sleeping Should Be Easy said, not easy for the eldest to share the attention that has been obtained.

Need preparations made by parents when the child will become a sister in the near future. Especially for children aged two years. Explain to the child simply the advantage of being an older brother.

Furthermore, Nina reminds the mothers to be able to make a child-friendly home. For example, place snacks and easy-to-reach gear. Position the sink close to the child can wash his own hands.

By making it easier for the child to do something independently, it means that the mother is able to share the task with the elder brother.

Reducing homework is also recommended. Better, think about the household chores to be handled and the children remain a top priority.

Perhaps the dirty clothes do not need to be put into the washing machine until late afternoon. This work can still be postponed until the child sleeps.

It would be very beneficial if the sister and the baby have the time to sleep together. But if not, take advantage of the baby's sleep time to be with the eldest.

Reading a book, playing together, or accompanying your sister watching television is a simple activity that can be done.

Doing concurrent activities can also be done. For example, bathing infants and toddlers tips without caregivers. Or make the eldest busy with his activities. While breastfeeding, give toys to toddlers and talk to.

And if there's any socializing out there, it's suggested by Jennifer Bingham Hull, author of Growing a Family and Getting a Life, find a child-friendly place. And do not be embarrassed if the mother becomes a home-based person because it is difficult to get out of the house. The trick, ask friends who come home and make tea with.

It's good not too self-stressing to do the management of two children themselves. Be realistic and willing to accept help from family members or relatives.

Keeping an Infant and toddler tips without caregivers in daycare can be a trusted parenting solution. Reported by Youngpa rents, social skills and motor development of toddlers can grow well.

Apart from all the busyness and difficulty of taking care of two children under the age of two years turned out to have its own advantages. Reported by Parents, children can become friends and the hassles of caring for her baby will end sooner.