Learn Tips on How to Educate Children in Modern Times

Learn Tips on How to Educate Children in Modern Times - One of the determinants of a child's future success is how to educate children today (modern  parenting ) applied by parents in the process of growth. Letting a child grow and develop normally in accordance with his age stage without being burdened with excessive obligations is the best parenting method that Father / Mother applies to ananda.

Basically, all parenting methods are good, as long as the application is tailored to the psychological condition and age of the child. Compared to raising your child in a conventional way, there are so many ways to educate children that imitators can imitate today, what are they?

Learn Tips on How to Educate Children in Modern Times

7 Tips on Modern Parenting

1. Familiarize Children Know the Outer Environment
The first modern parenting tips  that parents should apply is to familiarize them with their surroundings. One way is to often take her out of the house. No need to expensive or far from home, in the complex around the house is also no problem.

In addition to the positive impact to grow flowers (due to exposure to morning sunlight and fresh air), this will also improve the socialization of children so that he will easily adjust when growing up.

2. Do not Overload Your Child with Additional Les
Any parent would want to have a successful child and achievement in school. Therefore, many who enroll their children to take additional lessons / lessons that are not really needed, will only increase the burden of the child.

In fact, did you know that super solid activities will only trigger stress in children ? For that, try not to force your personal will to them. The world of children is playing. Learning is certainly a very important activity for them, but sacrificing children's playtime is not the best decision.

3.Do not be Scared Dirty
Well, the modern method of this third parenting is in the years being intensively campaigned by many parents and educational institutions. If the old days many mothers forbade their children to play dirty-dirt, now just the opposite.

Familiarize your child to spend more time with the dirt, whether playing mud or rain shower. In addition to good immune system, this activity will also make children learn to have fun from the little things around him.

4.Once Ignore Tradition
Lots of conventional parenting methods  are not exactly applicable in today's world. Once upon a time, ignore the tradition or "culture" of child-rearing that others advocate and start finding ways to educate children that you think are most appropriate for your child. Why is that? Because parents are the most understand about the child.

No need to worry about pamali things that many others say. Believe me, as long as you believe the action is good for your child, just do it.

5.Give Praise
Anyone would be very happy if given appreciation / praise, let alone children. Praise is our appreciation of their good actions or attitudes. Rather than criticizing their mistakes too much, make it a habit to give praise to the child. This can cause them to repeat the attitude / good actions they have done before.

No need to wait for wow achievement, because you can take advantage of any moment to praise them, for example when they managed to tie their own shoelaces.

Note, as much as possible avoid giving physical praise such as, "Beautiful sister / very handsome". Alternatively, you can use a phrase like, "Thank you. Brother is smart. "

6. Dare to Take Risks
Protective habits alias banned all parents do bad impact on the future of children, you know. This will make the child afraid to take risks and reluctant to get out of the comfort zone that would have a negative impact on his life as he grows up. Well, familiarize children to learn to take risks early in order to get used when adult later. The main controls remain in the parents, yes!

 7. Do not Forget Vitamins
In addition to the six tips above, do not forget also imbangi needs of children by giving them intake, vitamins , or and other nutritious supplements to improve appetite, help the brain, and improve the body's immune system. When a child, there must be times where he is hard to eat, gamau eat vegetables, and others. Vitamin supplementation is needed by children to get the nutrients they need every day.