Lost Heat Occurs in Babies Cause - Danger - How to Prevent

Lost Heat Occurs in Babies Cause - Danger - How to Prevent
Lost Heat Occurs in Babies Cause - Danger - How to Prevent - fever is one of the diseases often experienced by infants, the metabolism of the baby's body is sometimes less balanced causing infants to become frequent fever. But what if the fever is a fever that arises in infants. Fever or heat loss in this baby can be a cause of the disease, especially in infants.

There are several things that are the main cause of why heat loss occurs in this baby. As for some of these causes please be known in order to easily to overcome them. As for the cause of why heat loss occurs in infants include

Lost Heat Occurs in Babies Cause - Danger - How to Prevent

Causes of Lost Heaviness Occur On Babies

1. Experiencing autoimmune

Autoimmune is a disorder that occurs in the baby's body, this is due to the cells that attack healthy cells in the body, causing immune resistance to decline. In infants usually when immune resistance decreases causing body temperature to become hot.

2. Acute tumor

It is not possible in infants also experience tumor disease. At dasaranya this tumor disease will make the body weakened, because adnaya network that interfere with healthy tissue that often causes the body to heat up and down. It certainly can also cause the cause of sudden death

3. There is a disorder in the baby's thyroid gland

The immune system is still low cause infants susceptible to disease, especially if the thyroid gland attacked. This can cause the baby's body temperature to heat up at night and can also go down instantly. Of course if who experienced this is the baby must be handled properly so as not to cause depression

Children who experience continuous pain especially at the age of the baby can cause depression in children. Therefore should be addressed properly through how to overcome depression in children so that children are not getting Stress

4. Have a bacterial infection

Bacterial infections can cause the baby's body to become more sensitive to various diseases. If there is a bacterial infection in the baby certainly can cause the baby more easily feel the heat as a baby's reaction to the disease. In addition, the heat is also often down if the immune system is still resistant to overcome them. However, if the immune system over time weakened certainly can cause cerium heat

5. Dangerous virus attack

Because the body system that has not been balanced and has not been maximized then it can cause the baby's body often or easily tereran dangerous virus. So if there is a person who is experiencing illness, cultivated baby does not mendektahinya. Because the condition of infants who are still weak to be easily contracted.
6. Pneumonia disease in infants

Pneumonia is one of the rare infections of infants but there are many babies who also suffer from it. Pneunomia is one of the more common diseases known as wet lung disease. Where when the wet lungs attack on the baby can cause or cause symptoms of heat up and down in infants.

7. Meningtis

Meningitis is a disease that attacks the brain. Usually this disease affects the baby when the mother's diet during pregnancy is not well preserved, and menyebakban baby's brain to get the effect when the baby has lahri. Meningtis this will attack the brain so it will often make the body in the baby membarikan hot reactions lost to the baby. Of course this needs to be wary and immediately overcome. 

8. Ear-line infections

Ear infections of the ear can occur if the baby's health, especially in the ear canal, is unnoticed. It turns out that these ear canal infections can cause the baby to experience heat loss in infants.

Of the eight causes that have been described above can certainly provide a danger that is often overlooked. Indeed there are some dangers that arise when heat is lost to the baby. The danger is very necessary to watch out so as not to cause things that are not desirable later. The danger of heat loss in infants include

The danger caused when the heat loss of a baby is able to make the baby experience a serious illness or even can cause death in infants. Sometimes the heat lost to the baby sometimes does not need to be taken seriously. But there are times when it should be taken seriously.

The hot condition of the missing tibul in the baby to be noticed or should be immediately handled is when the heat disappears has the following characteristics

The infant is overheated for more than 5 days, when this heat loss occurs over 5 days can be a sign that it is a dangerous disease that must be handled immediately.
Hot temperature in infants exceeds 40 0 Because at this temperature is already considered high temperatures especially for those who are still babies
Heat up and down continuously and not stop-stop
Appetite in baby to bear. When the baby is not an appetite will certainly cause the baby becomes more fussy and lethargic. Then need to know how to increase appetite in infants
Experiencing various diseases such as diarrhea , stomach constipation, and frequent vomiting.
If the baby experiences the 5 traits that have been reviewed above would need immediate handling of the maskimal. Because it has already reached the danger of infant heat loss. If not handled immediately can even cause the baby to lose his life.

For that life in the baby is not threatened and does not cause death just because the heat lost timbu in infants need to know clearly how the event to overcome the heat lost to the baby. As for how to cope with the heat loss in infants include

How To Overcome The Missing Heal Arises On Baby

1. Check him out to the doctor

If this heat loss has characteristics that are very dangerous then it is necessary to immediately bring the baby to the doctor, in order to get the appropriate mediis action so that the baby can be saved.

2. Using herbal remedies

However, if the heat hilng arise in infants are still in normal condition can use herbal medicine or traditional way to overcome them. The traditional way is like 

  • Gives enough water to the baby, if the baby is under 2 years then give enough ation
  • Avoid the baby from cigarette smoke
  • Give relaxation to the baby so that the baby is protected from stress
  • Rest your baby enough so that the baby's condition can return normally.

These are some of the things we can learn about the heat from the baby. There are causes, hazards and even how to cope with the heat hilnag arise in a baby that is worth knowing. By knowing these things will be easier in treating and maintaining health in infants.