Mother, Do It to Overcome Fever in Baby

Mother, Do It to Overcome Fever in Baby

Mother, Do It to Overcome Fever in Baby - Finding a baby in a state of weakness, sweating, blushing, and hot body, must be very worrying for parents. In order for the baby does not get worse, understand some ways to cope with fever in infants.

Understand Baby Fever Conditions

Medically a baby can be said to have a fever if the body temperature is more than 38 degrees Celsius. One thing that must be known oang old, fever is not a disease, but a sign that the baby's body is against certain infections.

Fever is a positive step for the baby's body because it can stimulate the body's defense system to protect against bacterial or viral attacks that cause illness, such as shortness of breath, pneumonia, ear infections, influenza, runny nose, sore throat, urinary tract infections, meningitis, and various other viral diseases.

As well as adult body temperature, baby's body temperature can also vary due to various conditions. Physical activity, or after a hot shower for example, can make the baby's body temperature increases. Weather conditions can also affect the baby's body temperature. Usually it makes the baby experience temperature rise in the afternoon, but will come down in the morning.

To get a definite result compared to just holding the baby's forehead to measure his body heat, parents should use a thermometer. Use the right thermometer, including how to measure it.

There are various ways of measuring body temperature, can be through the mouth, ears, or armpits. However, for infants younger than six months, parents should measure the baby's body temperature rectally or through the rectum. Many parents may be reluctant to take a baby's temperature measurements through the rectum, but it is the best way to get accurate body temperature calculations in infants, even children up to 3 years of age.

To make a measurement, we recommend using a digital thermometer, and make sure you never use a glass thermoter. Because, if there is damage or broken glass, mercury in it can come out and harmful to the baby.

Mother, Do It to Overcome Fever in Baby

Keep Baby Body Stay Comfortable During Fever

To help babies stay in comfortable condition, parents can do the following to cope with fever in infants.

Give your baby plenty to drink to replace lost fluids. If the baby is still consuming breast milk, breastfeeding regularly will greatly help keep the baby's condition healthy.

Make sure the stomach is not empty. Usually, when the fever, the baby tends to eat hard. However, parents should be less forceful when needed so that their condition does not decrease.

Watch for signs of dehydration, a dry mouth, sunken eyes, and cry without tears, and less wet than usual.

Keep an eye on it from time to time as long as the baby sleeps at night.

Make sure the baby is wearing comfortable clothes with good circulation.

Avoid dressing too much and thick, and do not force the baby to use a thick blanket.

Overcoming the fever in the next baby is to provide warm water compresses to the forehead or baby's armpit is believed to help reduce the fever and keep it in a comfortable state.

Do not administer fever-lowering drugs without a doctor's prescription. Because each baby has a different dose of each other, depending on the condition of his body.

So tips Mother, Do It to Overcome Fever in Baby. Fever is sometimes frightening to parents, but it's also important to remember that it's a common problem for babies. Although there is no need to panic when the baby fever, parents should also remain vigilant and alert to see the changes that occur in infants. So that the condition does not get worse, and the baby can be handled appropriately.