My baby is just hot in the head, is this a fever?

my baby is just hot in the head, is this a fever - Fever is one of the diseases of children's subscription that often makes the Mother to panic. 
how ya if baby fever in the head?

Can it be called a fever ? How to handle it?
The head of the baby turned out to tend to be warmer.

My baby is just hot in the head, is this a fever?

According to dr. Yusi Caprianti as reported from the journal  heat in the head, the head on the baby feels warmer because the scalp baby thin, The number of vessels in the head area makes the baby's head is warmer than his body. So, you should check the temperature of the baby tubu using the right measuring tool rather than just feel the heat just hot in the head only, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies can be said to have a fever when viewed from the temperature menguhnya.

Normally, the baby's body temperature ranges from 26 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. Moreover, babies are practically experiencing a fever 
Measuring the most appropriate fever is to use a thermometer that is clamped in the armpit or inserted into the rectum. You need to know that fever is a symptom of infection that occurs in children. Infection can occur in any part of the body. So to overcome it, Mom needs to give her enough rest time. Giving him a comfortable place will help your little one sleep enough. Giving her fluid intake is also important to help her fight the infection.

Avoid clothing that is too thick because the heat will make their body temperature to rise, does your baby need a fever? If the child has a fever but does not show any signs of excessive illness it's good that she just let him to rest. Mom needs to give her medicine if the body temperature is more than 38 degrees Celsius. Provision of febrifuge drugs at infant age should also be according to the doctor's recommendation.

Provide a febrifuge if the child feels uncomfortable, lethargic and can not receive fluids such as breast milk or other foods. A fever that lasts continuously for several days also marks the mother should immediately take her to the doctor.Babies who need further treatment usually cause signs of pain other than fever eg cough does not go away, babies who experience dehydration signs when the fever should also be alert, similarly, if fever occurs in infants under the age of three months. Mom needs to bring her to the doctor as soon as possible.