Parenting tips 5 contains norms that we should teach to 5-year-old child.

Parenting tips 5 contains  norms that we should teach to 5-year-old child - These parenting tips need to be known by every parent. These are the values of kindness you need to teach your 5-year-old child. There are parents who think 5-year-olds are not yet familiar with social values and norms. But this allegation is wrong.
Parenting tips 5 contains  norms that we should teach to 5-year-old child.

5 Parenting Tips  should Teach to 5 Year Old Child

1, Teach about justice

Children need to be educated to be fair to anyone. Demonstrating fairness is not merely by sharing goods equally with peers.

For example, the little one fights with his cousin for fighting over toys. He hit his cousin to tears.

To show justice, ask your Little one to apologize for his actions. Then, do a play turn system, for example every child gets 5 minutes.

2, Teach him to understand the feelings of others

Teach children to understand the feelings of others, starting from your feelings as the closest person.

For example if he always nags and makes you hard when shopping, after he subsided say that you are not comfortable with his attitude.

When done often, he will be able to understand the feelings of others and also easier to understand his own feelings.

3, Honesty

5-year-olds are critical in thinking. He can tell if you lie. So the way to teach her honesty is to start with ourselves.

For example, lest he hear you lie to someone else.

In addition, if he is caught lying, immediately scold and say that it should not be done.
4, 5-year-old child needs to learn about fortitude

Teach children to be steadfast since toddlers. Do not praise the results of his work in excess.

If he can not do something well, do not praise him just to cheer him up. Encourage him to repeat it to get better results.

Similarly, when training a shy child, the spirit continues to appear bold in front of the crowd, and give praise when he succeeds.

5, Affection

Children need to see proof of affection in the form of deeds. Wish happy birthday to relatives, relatives, or neighbors including affection. Stop the vehicle when there are people who want to cross, it was also affection.

The 5-year-old son still needs a lot of attention in the physical form of both his parents. Hugs and kisses will make the child feel himself loved and safe by your side.

The child will grow into a loving adult, both to the family and to the community.

That's 5 Parenting Tips contains  norms that we should teach to 5-year-old child.