The Best Way to Lower Fever Child

The Best Way to Lower Fever Child - When the child has a fever, Mama immediately tries to get her fever down in various ways. In a recent report in the American Journal of Pediatricians on child fever it was mentioned that parents should concentrate on making the child feel comfortable when the fever is rather than lowering the temperature. Because the cause of fever children can vary, efforts to reduce heat can also slow the healing.   

 Some things parents need to know about The Best Way to Lower Fever Child, is a fever is not a major disease, this condition is the body's natural reaction to a disease. Fever can be a sign that the body is fighting infection because the high temperatures slow the growth of bacteria or viruses.

Therefore, efforts to overcome the fevers of the wrong can prolong the sickness. This is different from the previous parent's opinion that fever may aggravate a condition of the disease or have a general adverse effect on their child.

Many parents are also worried about febrile seizures. Febrifuge is not proven to prevent febrile seizures. Seizures (if they occur) are usually caused by a rapid rise in body temperature in the early stages of the infection, often before parents realize their child has a fever.

When the fever let the child rest. Even if you expect him to take medication, just wait while he wakes up even though the fading schedule is over. Be careful when giving medicine yes, Ma. Make sure the doses fit the rules on the packaging. If you administer acetaminophen or ibuprofen-class fever, make sure you do not give cough or flu medicines containing antipyretic. Giving two types of drugs. can simultaneously lead to an overdose.

Until the baby is 4 months old, if he has a fever of up to 38.5 degrees Celsius, parents should contact a pediatrician immediately. However, try not just focusing on the numbers on the thermometer. Most importantly, febrifuge drugs should be used as an aid to make children feel comfortable. If the child's fever looks calm and not fussy, you do not have to give him a febrifuge.