This is the Difference of Vaccines with Side Effects of Fever and Not

July 31, 2018
This is the Difference of Vaccines with Side Effects of Fever and Not

This is the Difference of Vaccines with Side Effects of Fever and Not - Fever is one of the side effects that can occur in some children after being given the vaccine. For example DPT vaccine (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) that often cause fever in children. This is also the reason why some parents choose the type of imported DPT vaccine that does not cause fever.

Head of Division Growing Flower Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung, Professor dr Kusnandi Rusmil, SpA (K) explains, fever caused by pertussis in DPT vaccine type whole cell. The term whole cell means, making the vaccine using all germ cells that have been attenuated. As a result, children at risk of fever to febrile seizures, because the body temperature is too high.

"Finally, the vaccine is made aneluler, so the cell is taken, not all germs are put into the vaccine," said Kusnandi when met at the Factory PT Bio Farma. After the study, the aseluler DPT vaccine did not cause fever or at least only the risk of a mild fever. However, further studies show, aseluler DPT vaccine can cause children to be exposed to pertussis as adults.

When compared with the vaccine DPT aseluler, whole cell was also provide more durable immunity. Therefore, parents who choose an aseluler DPT vaccine should return to bring their child to be vaccinated after a few years. Re-vaccination to boost immunity is known as a booster .

In Indonesia, used in the national immunization program by the government is a whole cell type vaccine  made by PT Bio Farma in Bandung, West Java . Meanwhile, existing aseluler DPT vaccine is an imported product. Bio Farma has not produced an acellular vaccine. With the difference in vaccine content and method of manufacture, acellular vaccine certainly has a price more expensive than the whole cell . "Aseluler vaccine makes it more difficult and expensive," said Kusnandi.

The high price is allegedly triggered the manufacture of imported DPT vaccine forged. Generally, imported DPT vaccine is provided in private hospitals. According to Kusnandi, with high prices and not yet domestically produced, it is difficult for the Indonesian government to provide an aseluler DPT vaccine for about 5 million babies born each year.

For that reason, in the national immunization program that is given free of charge, the government uses whole cell DPT vaccine . The ability of whole cell vaccine and aseluler to make the body immune to the disease is just as good (This is the Difference of Vaccines with Side Effects of Fever and Not)

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