Baby Fever 102 Lethargic

Baby Fever 102 Lethargic - Most serious emergencies are simple to acknowledge. you'd not overlook major hurt, respiration that stops, a seizure or a coma. If you suspect poisoning, Some emergency symptoms, however, are incomprehensible or neglected by some folks. Here's that list. If your kid has any of those symptoms, decision your child's doctor currently. If you cannot reach them, visit the closest ER. For a couple of symptoms, decision doctors.
Baby Fever 102 Lethargic

*Sick Newborn

Your baby is a smaller amount than one month previous and contains a fever or appearance sick. This includes inborn reflex, cough, or maybe poor color. Your baby might begin to act abnormally if they're obtaining sick. Examples are poor feeding or sleeping an excessive amount of. At this age, these symptoms are serious till tried otherwise. throughout the primary month of life, infections will progress in no time.

*Severe Lethargic

Your Baby Fever 102 is Lethargic if she stares into a house or will not smile. She will not play in the least or hardly responds to you. Your kid is simply too weak to cry or arduous to come to life. These are serious symptoms.
Note: Sleeping a lot of once sick is traditional. When awake, your kid ought to be alert.


The unexpected onset of confusion is serious. Your kid is awake however says strange things. She sees things that are not there. She does not acknowledge you.
Note: transient confusion for five minutes roughly may be seen with high fevers. this may be traditional. But, if not transient, confusion will have some serious causes.

*Severe Pain

Severe pain keeps your kid from doing all traditional activities. Your kid will not play or maybe watch a favorite programme. they only wish to be left alone. Your kid might cry after you attempt to hold or move them. youngsters with severe pain conjointly cannot sleep or will solely nod off shortly.

*Inconsolable Crying

Constant nonstop crying is caused by severe pain till evidenced otherwise. Suspect this in youngsters United Nations agency cannot sleep or will solely nod off shortly. When awake, they're going to not take part any traditional activities. they will not play or be distracted. they will be terribly arduous to console. Caution: rather than crying, severe pain might cause your kid to moan or whimper.

*Can't Walk

If your kid has learned to steer and so suddenly will not decision your doctor. He might have a heavy injury to the legs or a haul with balance. If your kid walks bent over holding his abdomen, he might have redness.

*Vomits digestive fluid

Vomiting that's bright inexperienced is most frequently digestive fluid. Unless your kid drank an inexperienced liquid, this can be not traditional. It will mean the intestines are blocked up. this can be a surgical emergency.
Note: inborn reflex some yellow fluid is traditional. The yellow color is from abdomen acid.

*Tender Belly

Press on your child's belly whereas she is distracted by a toy or book. you must be ready to press in an in. roughly while not a haul. If your kid winces or screams, it suggests a heavy cause. If the belly is additionally distended and arduous, it's a lot of press.
Note: If your kid simply pushes your hand away, you haven't distracted her enough.

*Pain in egg or pocket

Sudden pain within the pocket may be from twisting (torsion) of the egg. This desires surgery among eight hours to save lots of the egg.

*Trouble respiration

Breathing is important forever. Most childhood deaths are caused by severe respiration issues. respiration issues may be caused by the throat or respiratory organ infections. folks have to be compelled to learn to acknowledge hassle respiration. If your kid has tight croup or asthmatic, they have to be seen currently. different dangerous signs are quick respiration, inarticulate with every breath, bluish lips, or retractions. this implies the skin pulls in between the ribs with every breath. it's an indication of hassle inhaling younger youngsters. youngsters with severe respiration issues cannot drink, speak or cry. If your kid is troubled to breathe, call 911.

*Bluish Lips

Bluish lips, tongue, or gums will mean not enough gas within the blood. Call 911.
Note: blueish skin solely around the mouth (not the lips) may be traditional. It may be caused by being cold or being afraid.


The unexpected onset of drooling or expectoration means that your kid has hassle swallowing. Most often, this can be from severe swelling within the throat. The cause may be a heavy infection. a heavy aversion also can cause hassle swallowing. Swelling within the throat might shut off the airway.


Dehydration implies that your juvenile body fluids are low. Dehydration typically is caused by severe inborn reflex and/or symptom. Suspect dehydration if your kid has not urinated in eight hours. Crying no tears and a dry inside the mouth (tongue) are signs. In young babies, the soft spot within the head is sunken. Dehydrated youngsters are tired and weak.
Note: If your kid is alert, impish and active, he's not nonetheless dehydrated. youngsters with severe dehydration become dizzy once they stand. Dehydration desires further fluids orally or vein.

*Bulging Soft Spot

The soft spot in your baby's head is tense and bulging. this implies the brain is stressed.

*Stiff Neck

A stiff neck means that your kid cannot bite the chin to the chest. to check for a stiff neck, lay your kid down. Then raise his head till the chin touches the chest. If he fights you, place a toy or coin on the belly. This makes him got to look right down to see it. Older youngsters will merely be asked to seem at their belly button. A stiff neck may be associate early sign of infectious disease.
Note: while not fever, a stiff neck is commonly from sore neck muscles.

*Injured Neck

Talk to your child's doctor regarding any neck injury, no matter the symptoms. Neck injuries carry a risk of harm to the medulla spinalis.

*Purple or cherry Spots or Dots

Purple or cherry spots or dots on the skin have to be compelled to be seen. once gift with fever, they may be an indication of a heavy blood infection. the color of those serious rashes won't modification after you endure them. the color of traditional infectious agent rashes can fade with skin pressure.
Note: Bumps and bruises on the shins from active play are totally different.

*Any Fever (over 100.4°F or 38 °C) within the 1st three Months

Fevers in newborns and young babies are treated otherwise than fevers in older youngsters. microorganism infections are a lot of commons at this age and might exasperate quickly. A fever could be a body part or forehead temporary worker of 100.4 F° (38.0° C) or higher. All babies underneath three months ancient with a fever have to be compelled to be seen currently. they have tests to come to a decision if the cause is an infectious agent or microorganism.

*Fever over 105° F (40.6° C)

A fever tells you that your kid has an associated infection. Serious infections will occur with inferior fevers still as higher fevers. All the higher than symptoms are stronger signs of great ill health than the extent of fever. an analysis shows fevers alone are a risk issue only terribly high. which means levels higher than 105°F (40.6°C). So, decision your doctor if your child's fever goes higher than 104° F (40° C). this can be a secure rule.

*Chronic Diseases

Most active chronic diseases will have some serious complications. If your kid contains a chronic sickness, learn what those complications are. conclude the way to acknowledge the first changes. Diseases at highest risk for serious infections ar those who weaken the system. These embrace RBC sickness, HIV, cancer, transplantation, or taking oral steroids. If you're talking with medical examiners United Nations agency do not know your kid, speak up. continually tell them regarding your child's chronic sickness (such as asthma). ne'er assume the doctors and nurses already grasp this.