Baby Has 102 Fever for 2 Days

*WHAT is the cause of FEVER?

Baby Has 102 Fever for 2 Days - Fever could be a symptom, not a sickness. it's the body's traditional response to infections. Fever helps fight infections by turning on the body's system. Most fevers (100 to 104°F, or 37.8 to 40°C) that youngsters get are useful, not harmful. Most are caused by microorganism sicknesses like colds or influenza. Some are caused by microorganism sicknesses like raw throat or bladder infections. ontogeny doesn't cause fever.
Baby Has 102 Fever for 2 Days


Most fevers with microorganism sicknesses Have 102 Fever for 2 Days or 3 days. In general, the peak of the fever does not relate to the seriousness of the unhealthiness. however, sick your kid acts is what counts. Fever doesn't cause any permanent hurt. Brain harm happens provided that the temperature is over 108°F (42°C). luckily, the brain's thermostat keeps untreated fevers well below this level.
While all Baby Has 102 Fever for 2 Days, solely four-dimensional develop a short seizure from the fever. this kind of seizure is usually harmless, however, a toddler WHO includes a symptom seizure should be checked by an aid supplier. If your kid has had high fevers while not seizures, your kid is maybe not aiming to have one.

*HOW am I able to watch out for MY CHILD?

*/EXTRA FLUIDS and fewer vesture

Encourage your kid to drink additional fluids. Popsicles and cold drinks are useful. The body fluids are lost throughout fevers attributable to sweating.
Clothing ought to be unbroken to a minimum as a result of most heat is lost through the skin. don't bundle up your child; it's going to cause a better fever. throughout the time your kid feels cold or is shivering (the chills), provide him with a lightweight blanket.
If the fever is a hundred to 102°F this is often the sole treatment required. Fever medicines are seldom required. Fevers of this level don’t cause discomfort, however, they are doing facilitate the body fight the infection.

*/MEDICINES to scale back FEVER

Remember that Baby Has 102 Fever for 2 Days helps your kid fight the infection. Fevers solely ought to be treated with drugs if they cause discomfort. that typically suggests that fevers on top of 102°F (39°C).
These medicines begin operating in regarding half-hour, and a pair of hours when they're given, this medication can scale back the fever 2°F to 3°F (1°C to one.5°C). Medicines don't bring the temperature all the way down to traditional unless the temperature wasn't terribly high before the drugs were given. perennial dosages of the medication are going to be necessary as a result of the fever can go up and down till the unhealthiness runs its course. If your kid is sleeping, do not awaken him for medicines.
Acetaminophen: youngsters older than three months getting on is given analgesic (Tylenol). provide the right indefinite quantity for your child's weight each four to six hours. ne'er provide quite five doses in any twenty-four hours.
Ibuprofen: Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) is approved for infants over vi months getting on. One advantage Advil has over analgesic could be a long-lasting impact (6 to eight hours rather than four to six hours). provide the right indefinite quantity for your child's weight each vi to eight hours.
CAUTION: The eyedropper that comes with one product mustn't be used with different brands.
Caution: don't use analgesic and Advil along unless suggested by your child’s aid supplier. Mainly, it’s reserve and may be confusing.
Avoid anodyne: Doctors advocate that youngsters (through age twenty-one years) not take aspirin for fevers. anodyne taken throughout an infection, like a pox or influenza, has been connected to a severe unhealthiness referred to as a syndrome. If you've got teens, warn them to avoid anodyne.


Sponging is typically not necessary to scale back fever. ne'er sponge your kid while not giving him analgesic or Advil 1st. Sponge your kid provided that the fever is over 104°F (40°C), and hasn’t return down after you take the temperature once more half-hour when your kid has taken analgesic or Advil.
If you are doing sponge your kid, sponge him in lukewarm water (85 to 90°F, or twenty-nine to 32°C). Sponging works a lot of quicker than immersion, thus sit your kid in two inches of water and keep wetting the skin surface. Cooling comes from evaporation of water. If your kid shivers, raise the water temperature or stop sponging till the analgesic or Advil takes the impact. do not expect to urge the temperature down below 101°F (38.3°C). do not add lotion to the water; it is breathed in and cause a coma.