3 Month Old Baby Fever 102

*When must you take your kid to the emergency room? What folks got to recognize

3 Month Old Baby Fever 102 - Sudden health issues are ne'er additional scary than after they involve youngsters. once a high fever strikes or a deep cut bleeds, must you rush your kid to the emergency room?

It is often particularly powerful to work out if you’re a first-time parent, however, instinct and skill will facilitate guide you what to try to next, aforementioned NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar.
3 Month Old Baby Fever 102

“Once you begin to grasp the pattern of your kid and you have got quite one kid, you get conversant in things happening. thus you ought to trust your inner voice on your immediate reaction,” Azar aforementioned. When doubtful, continuously decision your pediatrician’s workplace for the recommendation, she noted. you ought to be ready to reach someone 24/7 — if not your doctor, then a nurse clinician or a covering doctor. justify what happened and build a call along concerning consequent steps.

Here are pointers to think about for common kids’ health issues:


A stuffy nose caused by a chilly is one issue, however, once your kid is admittedly busy to breathe, that needs immediate attention. “Hands down, that’s the one that's about to be the foremost imperative,” Azar aforementioned.
Call 911 if your child:
  • is choking
  • struggles to breathe: is flaring his nostrils, respiration terribly speedily, or exploitation accent muscles to breathe, wherever you'll see the skin retract between the ribs. “Those types of signs are terribly worrisome,” Azar aforementioned.
  • stops respiration
  • is popping blue
Contact the doctor if Your kid is respiration along with his mouth wide open as a result of he is terribly engorged, however, his coloring is sweet and he is not respiration speedily. Treat reception if: Your kid has traditional congestion from a liquid nose or a chilly.


You know the drill: flushed cheeks, general uneasiness and a worrisome reading on the measuring instrument. for many youngsters, it’s less concerning absolutely the variety than it's concerning the incidental symptoms — unless you have got a newborn, Azar noted. Go to the ER if:
  • Your kid is beneath the age of (3 Month Old Baby Fever 102) and her temperature is 100.4° F or higher once taken rectally. There’s a get cluster of infections which will occur therein age bracket and since the baby’s system is thus immature, you will assume it’s one thing her very little body can handle on its own, Azar said.
  • Your kid is older than --3 Month Old Baby Fever 102-- and includes a fever of 104° F or additional, in the midst of symptoms like quality, inconsolable crying, hassle respiration, physiological reaction or seizures.
Contact the doctor if Your kid has had a temperature for many days, however, doesn’t appear to own an inflammatory disease, associate degree earache or liquid nose; and medication has no result on the fever. Treat reception if: It’s solely been many days and your kid responds to a fever reducer, like Datril. “You provide them medication then they’re back to traditional, then you always will tell yourself, OK, it’s in all probability simply a bug. Let ME ride it out reception, confirm they keep well hydrous,” Azar aforementioned.


A sharp fall, trip or cut will happen any time once active youngsters are running around and exploring their world. Go to the ER if:
  • the hemorrhage is in the midst of open flesh or exposed bone.
  • it’s been quarter-hour since you have bound and applied pressure to the realm, however, the hemorrhage hasn’t stopped. The wound is maybe deep enough that it wants stitches, Azar said.
Contact your doctor if: Your kid has frequent bleeds. It might be a thrombocyte disorder or alternative problems, she noted. Manage reception if: It’s a tiny low cut or laceration. Clean it out with soap and water and apply a bandage.

*/VOMITING AND symptom

Lots of bugs will cause the physiological reaction and symptom in youngsters. The episodes sometimes don’t last long, however, the priority here is dehydration. “Once they stop having the ability to tolerate something orally, you’re done. you have got to urge them into the emergency room… and find associate degree IV,” Azar noted. Go to the ER if:
  • your kid has had a dry diaper or hasn’t urinated for 6 hours.
  • is unable to stay something down, even a teaspoon of fluid.
  • the soft spot on your baby’s head is perceptibly sunken
  • your kid is crying however not creating tears.
  • he's listless, not feeling and not drying well
  • vomits blood or has symptom with blood
Contact your doctor if: The symptom keeps returning, or the kid is losing weight. Manage reception if: Your kid is in a position to stay down very little sips of fluid, is urinating and manufacturing tears.