Baby Fever 103 Cold Hands and Feet

*Meningitis symptoms listing

baby fever 103 coldhands and feet - The following square measure potential symptoms of the infectious disease or blood disorder. however, note: not all symptoms could also be a gift. as an example, the classic symptoms of neck stiffness and rash might not occur. See below for different potential symptoms. If you believe infectious disease or blood disorder - get medical facilitate in real time.

baby fever 103 cold hands and feet

*What square measure infectious disease and septicemia?

  • Meningitis is AN inflammation of the liner that covers the brain and funiculus (the meninges). it's sometimes caused by infection with germs (bacteria or viruses.)
  • Septicemia (sepsis) is AN infection of the blood with a microorganism (blood poisoning). If microorganism multiplies and unharnesses poisons (toxins) into the blood, it will cause serious ill health.
Meningitis and blood disorder square measure separate diseases. However, the foremost common reason behind microorganism infectious disease (the meningococcus) usually causes blood disorder at an equivalent time. therefore someone with the infectious disease might have:
  • Symptoms and signs of infectious disease (15 in a hundred cases).
  • Symptoms and signs of blood disorder (25 in a hundred cases, or one quarter).
  • Symptoms and signs of each infectious disease and blood disorder (60 in a hundred cases).
Meningitis will occur at any age, however, is commonest in kids and tykes.

*What square measure the symptoms and signs of infectious disease and septicemia?

In the early stages of the infectious disease and blood disorder, it's usually troublesome to differentiate these conditions from minor diseases. this is often as a result of they'll begin with delicate symptoms just like different common infections. therefore it's necessary to understand concerning the first warning symptoms which could counsel an additional serious condition. it's additionally necessary to understand the signs of significant ill health ANd to understand once an auto ought to be known as.

*/Common early warning symptoms

baby fever 103 cold hands and feet - Many kids World Health Organization square measure developing an infectious disease or blood disorder have nonspecific symptoms like simply feeling or wanting usually unwell. These symptoms could embody having a warm temperature, being additionally tired than usual and feeling sick.

However, 3 symptoms that unremarkably develop early - usually before the additional classic symptoms listed later - are:
  • Leg pains - which may become severe and forestall a baby from standing or walking.
  • Cold hands or feet - even though the kid encompasses a warm temperature.
  • Pale or patterned skin
  • Pale, dusky or blue color of the skin around the lips.

*/Rash - unremarkably happens however not invariably

A typical rash is common with a meningococcal infection. The rash is red or purple. little spots develop initially and will occur in teams anyplace on the body. They usually grow to become blotchy and appearance like very little bruises. One or 2 could develop initially however several could then seem in numerous elements of the body. Check everywhere the body for a rash. If the skin is dark, it should be tougher to identify the rash - register lighter-skinned areas like palms or soles.

The spots/blotches don't fade once ironed (unlike several different rashes). to examine for this, place a transparent glass firmly on one in all the spots or blotches. If the spot/blotch doesn't fade and you'll still see it through the glass, get medical facilitate in real time.

Reproduced with permission from an infectious disease currently.

Note: a rash doesn't occur altogether cases of infectious disease and blood disorder, however, will be quite characteristic once it will occur.

*/Other symptoms

Other symptoms which will occur in babies

These include:
  • Excessive crying - usually high-pitched or inarticulate and totally different from their usual cry.
  • Fast respiration or uncommon patterns of respiration.
  • A warm temperature (fever) - however, the baby might not look hot and also the skin could look pale or blotchy, or flip blue. The hands and feet could feel cold. The baby could shiver.
  • Will not take feeds - generally repeatedly being sick (vomiting).
  • Being irritable - particularly once picked up and handled.
  • Drowsiness or temporary state - doesn't wake simply.
  • A bulging orifice generally develops. The orifice is that the soft spot on a baby's head.
  • Jerky movements could occur and also the body could seem stiff. generally, the alternative happens and also the body seems quite floppy. Fits (convulsions) generally develop.
Other symptoms which will occur in older kids and adults

These include:
  • Fever and shivering - but, the hands and feet usually feel cold.
  • Stiff neck - cannot bend the neck forward.
  • A headache - which may become severe.
  • Fast respiration.
  • Aches and pains in muscles or joints - the pains will become quite severe.
  • Not desirous to eat or drink.
  • The skin could look pale or blotchy, or flip blue.
  • Dislike of bright lights - can shut eyes and switch far from the sunshine.
  • Drowsiness or confusion - could seem vacant.
  • Feeling sick or recurrent projection. generally tummy (abdominal) pain and diarrhea.
  • Fits (convulsions).

*/The course of symptoms

The symptoms usually develop quickly, over a couple of hours about. The symptoms will occur in any order and not all could occur. generally, symptoms develop additional slowly, over a couple of days. The symptoms could counsel a less serious ill health initially. as an example, fever, headaches, and projection square measure common with several infectious agent diseases like a contagious disease. Therefore, even though you're thinking that it had been a contagious disease to start out with, if symptoms deteriorate then it should be an infectious disease or blood disorder.

baby fever 103 cold hands and feet

*What ought to I do if I'm troubled it'd be meningitis?

If your kid has (or you have) any of those symptoms, speak to a doctor or nurse nowadays. (Call your GP surgery, or - within Great Britain - dial 111, or refer to the out-of-hours GP):
  • Getting additional unwell.
  • Not drinking.
  • Passing fewer excreta than usual.
  • Appearing dry (dehydrated). Signs of this include:
  • The soft spot on the baby's head (fontanelle) superficial to be sunken.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Sunken eyes.
  • Excessive sleepiness.
Temperature (fever) not recovering with paracetamol or Advil, even for a bit whereas.

Temperature three|of three}9°C or added during a baby of 3 to six months.

If your kid has (or you have) any of those symptoms, dial 999/112/911 ANd request an auto immediately:
  • Being troublesome to get up (unrousable).
  • Being floppy.
  • Pale, blue, or patterned skin
  • A weak, high-pitched or continual cry during a baby.
  • Difficulty respiration or grunting-type respiration.
  • Fits (convulsions).
  • The temperature of three8°C or added during a baby underneath 3 months previous.
  • The soft spot on the baby's head (fontanelle) bulging out.
  • A new red/purple rash that has a return on suddenly and doesn't fade once a glass tumbler is ironed against it.