baby fever 103 no other symptoms

*The No-Panic Guide to Fevers

baby fever 103 no other symptoms - It's laborious to stay your cool once your child is burning up. we tend to asked doctors what you ought to (and shouldn't) do consecutive time it happens.

*/Before You... Panic

Remember: A fever isn't associate unwellness. it has always simply a proof that your child's system is fighting off a microorganism or virus infection, says archangel Devon, MD, a pediatrician in camera apply close to the metropolis. Most of the bugs that cause a fever -- like a chilly, the flu, an abdomen virus -- is not dangerous and area unit treatable reception.

baby fever 103 no other symptoms

Check your child's alternative symptoms (baby fever 103 no other symptoms). however, she acts and feels is typically a more robust indicator of however sick she is. (In fact, if your kid features a high fever that does not mean she's sicker than if she features an inferior one.) "If your kid is stuporous, irritable, features an inflammatory disease, ear or abdomen pain, or pain once she urinates, decision your doctor," says Dr. Devon. (Can't realize any obvious supply of infection? That additionally warrants a decision.) And invariably get facilitate forthwith if you've got a feverish baby below three months previous, regardless of what her symptoms area unit. Infants that young area unit a lot of at-risk of bound kinds of infections, thus your pediatrician must rule out serious sicknesses directly.

*/Before You... Take Your Child's temporary worker

Ditch your glass measuring instrument. Those old-school thermometers contain mercury, a potent poison that affects the brain, medulla spinalis, liver, and kidneys, and may cause learning disabilities. If it breaks, you risk exposing your family to mercury's harmful vapors. Still, have one lurking in your drugs cabinet? do not simply toss it into the trash. Take it to your pediatrician (she will lose it safely), or drop it off at your native hazardous-waste assortment website.

baby fever 103 no other symptoms

Pick the correct methodology. For babies, you will get the foremost precise reading employing a digital body part thermometer; you'll switch to associate oral one once your kid turns three. associate ear measuring instrument, though it's quick and convenient, will really be deceivingly tough to use: you've got to put it properly within the auditory meatus for the associate correct result. (To a lot of wax will throw off the reading additionally.) Underarm and pacifier varieties also are less reliable than the gold-standard body part and oral thermometers.

Perfect your technique. to require a body part temporary worker, initial dab petrolatum on the bulb of the measuring instrument. Place your baby belly-down on your lap or on a bed or ever-changing table, then gently insert the bulb one/2 to 1 in. into your child's body part. Loosely hold the measuring instrument in situ with 2 fingers till it beeps. to urge associate correct reading victimization associate oral measuring instrument, wait for a minimum of quarter-hour when your kid has had something hot or cold to eat or drink before you are taking his temperature.

*/Before You... provide Fever-Reducing Meds

Realize that they are not cures. the most reason to administer your kid Datril or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory is to create her lighter -- to not "break" the fever. Fever is really an honest issue since it helps the body fight infection. Most illness-causing germs thrive at somebody's core temperature (98.6 F.), thus once the system detects associate infection, it responds by cranking up the body's thermostat to assist kill the germs. simply do not expect an on the spot recovery. "At most, the meds can bring a fever down a degree or 2 -- merely enough to create your kid feel higher," says Ari Brown, MD, a oldsters consultant and author of Baby 411.

Choose the correct fever-reliever. provide Datril to babies below vi months; nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory is not approved for youths that young as a result of its safety hasn't been established. For older youngsters, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory appears to bring the fever down quicker, in step with a pursuit review within the Archives of medical specialty & Adolescent drugs. however since Datril is a smaller amount possible to cause the symptom, it's going to be a more robust bet for youths with a sensitive tummy.

Once you've got chosen drugs, persist with it. although a recent Archives study found that alternating doses of Datril and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory is simpler than victimization only one, some consultants warn that admixture meds is confusing and increase the danger that you're going to over medicate your kid.

Read all medication labels rigorously. If you are giving your kid over-the-counter medicine, certify that it does not contain Datril or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory if she's already taking medication for fever. Otherwise, you may find yourself giving your kid a double dose, says Dr. Devon. And you ought to ne'er "eyeball" the dose; follow the directions on the bottle. "Choose the quantity that matches your child's current weight, and use the pipet that came within the package," says Dr. Brown. as a result of fever medications area unit sold-out in numerous strengths, the pipet for one bottle won't be right for one more.

*/What If My kid features a Seizure?

About four p.c of kids below age five have fever-induced seizures (febrile seizures), that area unit usually caused by an explosive spike in temperature. they appear chilling -- your kid could lose consciousness, shake, or stiffen -- however they are typically harmless. Most symptom seizures finish in a very minute or 2, although some last simply a couple of seconds or for quite ten minutes.

If your feverish kid starts convulsing, place her on a thrust surface and roll her onto her aspect so she will not choke. ne'er place something in her mouth or attempt to hold her down. once the seizure ends, decision your pediatrician -- if this can be the primary time it's happened, she must be evaluated directly. "Once your kid has been diagnosed with symptom seizures, you'll relax a touch if it happens once more -- as long as you recognize why she features a fever," says Dr. Brown.

*/What's Hot, What's Not

Your kid formally features a fever once the measuring instrument reads a hundred.4 F. and above, in step with the yank Academy of medical specialty. once it warrants a decision to your doctor, however, varies by age:

Untitled DocumentAgeWhen to Callander two months100.4° F3 to six months101° F Over 6 months103° F