How to Reduce Fever in Babies at Home

The heat in babies at home often makes parents distraught, especially for new parents. Although the fever experienced by the Little One does not necessarily indicate a serious condition, it is important for parents to know how to reduce the heat in the right baby.

Not infrequently, parents feel panic or worry when the baby has a fever or heat. Especially if this condition is experienced at night. However, parents are still advised to be calm so they can provide the care and attention that the baby needs when the fever as well.

Simple Steps to Do

The first step in reducing heat in infants is to take accurate body temperature measurements. Babies have a fever when their body temperature reaches 37.5 0 C or more. This condition can occur due to various things. Ranging from bacterial or viral infections, post-immunization fever, too long outdoor activities with hot weather, to the use of clothes that are too thick.

The occurrence of fever or heat because these things are actually normal and need not be feared. Because fever and heat experienced by your child is a reaction of a good immune system.

How to reduce heat in babies that can be done at home, including:


When sleeping, compress the forehead with a wet cloth as a way to reduce the heat in the baby, can also be placed on the armpit folding area and around the groin.

Wipe or take a warm bath

Use a washcloth or bathe the little one using warm or lukewarm water. Avoid bathing using cold water because this can make your body temperature rise.

Give enough drink

The important way to reduce heat in infants is to make sure the body of the Little One is well hydrated by providing adequate fluid intakes, such as breast milk or formula milk. Also, make sure that nutritional intake is also sufficient.

Using thin clothes

If your child uses clothes that are layered or thick, remove them. Let him use just one layer of clothing and make sure that the clothes are comfortable to wear. If your child is cold, put on a blanket.

Keep the room temperature cool

Try to keep the temperature of your little one's bedroom cool. If the room temperature is hot, you can use air conditioning or a fan, but not too tight and don't direct it to your baby.

*/Conditions of Fever to Be Aware of

Some heat conditions in infants require immediate treatment by a doctor. These conditions include:
  • A 3-month - an old baby who has a fever with heat reaches 38 0 C or more.
  • 3-6 months babies who have a fever with body temperature reaching 39 0 C or more.
  • A fever that doesn't improve and lasts more than 5 days.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Fever that causes dehydration in infants. Marked with dry mouth, dry diapers, and crying without tears.
  • The appearance of a red rash.
  • Relentless crying is out of habit.
  • Experience seizures.
If the way to reduce heat in the baby at home is not successful, you should immediately consult a pediatrician. Your doctor will prescribe febrifuge drugs that are suitable for your baby's condition, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Be sure to give febrifuge to the baby in accordance with the prescription and rules recommended by the doctor, to prevent side effects that may be dangerous. In more severe conditions, the baby may need to be hospitalized for intensive treatment.