How to reduce fever in babies without drugs

When a baby has a fever, you will immediately feel worried. Though the condition of fever is normal and is a form of reaction to something that happens in the body.

Try to remember again what caused your child to have a fever? For example, he had just been immunized, had teething, trauma because he had fallen down after the child learned to ride a bicycle, or it could be that the child was experiencing flu symptoms.

If the child has a fever, as long as there is no disturbance in appetite and sleep patterns, there is no need to panic, compress the child or immediately seek medication. You can treat fever yourself at home without it all.

Try doing what is called skin-to-skin contact. What does it mean? Make skin to skin contact between you or your husband and child. You can hug your baby while holding him, or put the baby on the front chest while lying down.

Use clothes with openings on the front of the chest. Prepare babies who are bare chest and still use diapers, then attach the baby's body to your chest. Yes, the skin meets the skin.

Skin to skin technique can reduce fever in children because the surface of the parent's skin will absorb the temperature of the little one. However, parents will not get infected with the fever, instead, the body of the parent is wider than the body of the child, so the heat will flow to all parts of your body.

In addition, this skin to skin contact can also calm fussy children, because it can provide a calming and comfortable effect.

But if a fever occurs in a baby less than 6 months, then you should immediately see a doctor, because it can indicate a serious infection, Moms.