Natural Ways to Overcome Fever in Infants

Fever is the body's defense mechanism against infection or the entry of foreign substances into the body. So a fever is not a disease, but a symptom of an illness. In the presence of fever, the body is given a signal that something is wrong in the body. 

In general, babies or children who have a fever is a normal response to various diseases. But parents sometimes get too panic when a child has a fever, especially if you are not experienced.

Actually, when a child has a fever, you don't need to rush him to the doctor. According to the American Pediatrician Association, giving children under two years of medication for a fever caused by colds and coughs is actually ineffective unless the child is over six years old. In fact, these drugs can harm the child if given in an improper dose. 

Parents can only panic and immediately bring their child to the doctor if the conditions are as follows, as quoted from 
  1. His body temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius for children aged 3-6 months 
  2. His body temperature exceeds 39 degrees Celsius for children aged above 6 months 
  3. Fever does not go down for 96 hours or 4 days.
In addition to drugs, you can take natural steps to treat fever due to flu and cough. At least the methods below, which are quoted from the Woman's Day, can make babies more comfortable: 

1. Humidifier

The humidifier is a device commonly used to spray steam. This tool can be purchased at stores such as Ace hardware or stores that sell imported goods. This 

humidifier functions like you put a bucket or basin containing hot water in the room. With the steam coming out of the device, it can relieve a child's blocked nose. It's just that when you use it, you need to be careful. Don't put it too close to your child and don't need to turn it on all day. 

2. Nasal Drops

During a cold, the baby can feel very uncomfortable because his nose is blocked. Another way to relieve his breathing is to use nose drops. This drug only contains NaCl (pure salt) so there are no side effects to the baby. Simply drop the 2-3 drugs into the baby's nostrils. Indeed, babies can cry when they are given the drug, but the results are quite effective. 

3. Put More Pillows 

Have you ever had a cold or a cough, did you sleep with two pillows and feel better? If ever, you can do the same thing for your little one. Just make sure the two pillows do not cover the baby's face. Use pillows that are comfortable for them. 

4. Sunlight

Sunlight is not only effective for curing yellow babies. When a baby has a cold or a cough, sunlight can also be a way to overcome it. 

The trick is to take the baby to bask in under 10:00 WIB. After this time, sunlight is no longer good for the skin. 

When sunbathing, the part that should first be exposed to sunlight is the chest, then the back. When you reach the back, don't forget to rub it. Do it for 5-10 minutes. You don't need to strip your baby while doing it. 

5. Warm Water Soak with Children

If your baby's body temperature starts high, you can take him soaking together in warm water. Soaking for about 10 minutes will make the body temperature cool. But remember, not too long. When finished, immediately dry the body and wipe eucalyptus oil or warm telon oil, finally wear comfortable clothes. This prevents your child from getting more severe flu.