Pediatric Medic: 8 Foods that Are Not Good for Your Little One's Health

8 Foods that Are Not Good for Your Little One's Health - Delicious and attractive food is not necessarily healthy for your little one. Let's find out what foods are not good for children's health and should be limited!

8 Foods that Are Not Good for Your Little One's Health
At home, the nutritional level, quality, and cleanliness of your baby's food can be more assured because Mum may cook alone or pay more attention to the cooking process of food for the baby. However, during family gatherings at grandmothers' homes and other relatives, there is usually a lot of food, and some of them may be classified as unhealthy foods for children. Therefore, for the health of the little one to be maintained, let us know the list of foods that are not good for the little one and should be limited, especially for the little ones who are still toddlers!

1. Chicken Nugget Instant

You could say, instant chicken nuggets is one of the foods that are a favorite of children. Maybe the little one likes it, too, Mum? At first glance, this food is only in the form of seasoned chicken wrapped in flour. However, instant chicken nuggets usually contain preservatives.

Consumption of excess preservative foods can lead to the development of cancer cells, diabetes, kidney damage, allergies, hormonal imbalances, and other health problems. Not only that, chicken nuggets are generally cooked by frying. Well, the cooking process risks increasing cholesterol levels in the body of the child, especially if you use used cooking oil, Mum.

2. Potato Chips and Fried Potatoes

Its savory and salty taste makes potato chips and french fries one of the foods kids love. Unfortunately, both are included in the list of foods that toddlers should not consume too often. Because the nutrient content in these foods is relatively low so it cannot be a source of nutrition for children.

In addition, usually fried potatoes and potato chips have high saturated fat and salt. In fact, the high content of saturated fat makes the little one suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and respiratory problems. Meanwhile, the high salt content is considered not good because it makes excess fluid in the body, which triggers flatulence. In the long run, excessive salt can increase the risk of heart failure and liver damage, in the long run, Mum.

3. Donuts and Fried Sweet Other his

Chocolate-coated donuts, cream-coated donuts, or sugar-sprinkled donuts generally always succeed in becoming the inevitable temptation for the Little One. Indeed, Mum, it's okay if the little one takes it occasionally. However, make sure Mum still limits the amount, yes. Because donuts and various other sweet fried foods are not healthy for toddlers if consumed in excess.

In this type of food, there are many additives, ranging from flavorings, dyes, preservatives, to artificial sweeteners. The effect, when consumed in large quantities and often, this food risks making your child experience headaches, obesity, tissue damage, and cancer. If your child wants to eat sweet, Mum can direct her to eat healthier foods, such as fruit salads or yogurt.

4. Sausages and Hot Dogs

The next food you also need to limit for your child at 1-2 years is sausages and hot dogs. The sausage texture is soft and slippery because oil and sauce can harm the little one who is still a toddler because he has the potential to choke when eating it. Related to the risk of making choking children, the American Academy of Pediatrics says hot dogs are one of the most common types of food that cause the child to choke throughout February 2010. In addition, these foods are also usually cooked by frying or baking, so they contain large amounts of calories. Not to mention, there is a preservative in it that is not good for the little one.

5. Pizza

As with adults, the little one is usually difficult to resist the temptation of pizza, Mum. In fact, these foods contain a lot of fat and salt. A survey conducted by health institutions Consensus Action on Salt and Health found that the salt content of 50% of pizzas sold in supermarkets and restaurants exceeded the recommended normal limit.

So, what if the little one really likes pizza? Limit consumption, for example by giving a mini portion to the little one. Or, Mum might be able to try making it herself at home. In this way, the pizza consumed by the little one is clearly healthier and safer, because Mum herself chooses ingredients and processes them.

6. Cereals

The shape is cute and the colors are diverse, making cereal one of the tempting foods for your child, especially when it's mixed with milk. Although these foods contain more nutrients than other unhealthy foods, the sugar content in most cereals is high, you know, Mum.

A survey conducted by the health institution Action on Sugar on 50 portions of cereal in 2015 found that cereals contained significant amounts of sugar. Ana-Kristina Skrapac, a pediatrician diet specialist from the United Kingdom, explained that the sugar content in food is said to be high when it touches 22.5 grams or more, in every 100 grams of food. Therefore, try to be more careful when reading nutritional labels before buying cereal for your child, yes, Mum.

7. Candy and Lollipops

With the sweetness that is so dominant, Mum would have guessed that sweets and lollipops are high in sugar and artificial sweeteners. Well, in addition to making the child at risk of developing diabetes, the sugar in these foods also triggers problems in the gums and teeth of the child, you know.

Since sweets and lollipops also do not have adequate nutritional value to support the growth and development of the child, keep an eye and limit him whenever he consumes unhealthy foods for this child, yes, Mum.

8. Butter and Cheese

The salty-savory sensation of butter and cheese does spoil the little tongue. However, actually, both butter and cheese contain saturated fat and chemical pollutants (chemicals that can cause pollution), Mum.

Saturated fat can have a negative impact on the Little One because it inhibits the body from absorbing Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. Not only that, this fat also makes blood circulation to the brain become blocked, and decreases the sharpness of memory. Meanwhile, chemical pollutants are also dangerous because they accelerate the development of abnormal cells (cancer cells) in the body. This is why, preferably, limit your child to eating butter and cheese, yes.

In addition to reducing the possibility of the child eating too much unhealthy food, remember also to always present a glass of nutrient-rich growth milk for him every day, like Friso Gold 3, Mum. Enriched with ALA, LA, Prebiotics, Nucleotides, Vitamins A, C, and E, Zinc, Iron, and Selenium, Friso Gold 3 nourishes the Little One while at the same time strengthening the body's resistance from the inside. With Friso Locknutri, the protein content in it can be maintained close to natural conditions, so that the nutrients are more easily absorbed by the little body.

By limiting the consumption of unhealthy foods for children, of course, Mum is easier to ensure the Little One grows optimally.