8 Steps to Overcome Fever in Your Little One

Fever is a health condition that often afflicts the baby which is characterized by body temperature exceeding 37 degrees Celsius.

Generally, fever or increased body temperature is an armpit body reaction facing a virus or disease attack. Parents do not need to panic immediately when toddlers suddenly have a fever 

When the baby's body temperature feels hot, sometimes the parents only measure it with the palm of the hand. Avoid doing that. We recommend that you prepare a temperature gauge or thermometer. This is important so that the baby's body temperature can be clearly identified. When you have a fever, your baby's body will easily become dehydrated, so make sure to fill your fluid intake.

Mom, here are things you need to pay attention to when treating a fevered baby at home. Come on, see the explanation below. 
  1. Make sure the little one's room is cool and comfortable for her. Pay attention to the air circulation, because this will affect his health.
  2. Wear your little clothes that are thin and loose.
  3. If your baby's body is shivering, give him a blanket and socks. Make sure all of his body is warm so that it makes him comfortable.
  4. Pay attention to your child's fluid intake. When fever, your child needs enough fluids.
  5. Give food that is easy to digest and smooth, because when the fever is weak his body condition.
  6. Compress your child with warm water, avoid compressing it with ice water.
  7. If your child has consumed other than breast milk, mom can give your child a cold drink.
  8. When your child's temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius and if there are other signs, immediately contact a doctor.
Mom, so 8 things that are considered when dealing with a fever in children. Most importantly, do not panic. Hopefully useful