Baby Fever Due to Teething? Do not worry! reduce it this way

baby having fever when teething - generally, the baby will experience a fever when he will grow teeth. Even though it's not dangerous, not a few moms are worried. Well, because of that, let's look at moms' easy way to relieve this little one's fever.

At the age of 3 months, babies will usually show signs of teething. Some symptoms that are easy to see include babies becoming cranky or fussy, saliva dripping, pain especially at night and some of them are a fever. 

baby having fever when teething

However, symptoms of fever due to baby teething are actually still controversial until now. Some experts reveal that fever in infants is not always a symptom of teething. 

Even if the baby has a fever, the body heat is not more than 38 degrees Celsius. Well, if it turns out your baby has a fever due to teething, then immediately reduce the fever that he feels!

1. Help Baby Feel More Comfortable

When a baby has a fever, not a few parents set the temperature of the baby's room to cool down. Actually, this is wrong and does not help to comfort or reduce heat. Keep your baby's room temperature between 18-21 degrees Celsius. 

baby having fever when teething

To comfort the baby, you should bathe the baby or wipe his body with lukewarm water. Give a gentle massage to the body when bathing it. This method is more effective in comforting the baby rather than lowering the temperature of the room to be cooler. 

2. Give a fever-lowering medication

When a baby has a fever - baby having fever when teething -, don't panic and make you do the wrong thing by giving a baby febrifuge like aspirin to him. This medicine is only for adults and should not be consumed by babies. 

The medicine for fever for babies is of its own kind. Consult with your doctor about the medication and the right dose is given to the baby during a fever. 

3. Give breast milk

Drinks and food for babies up to the age of 6 months and breast milk, or formula milk for mothers who are not breastfeeding. Therefore, don't give other liquids to him, including water. Well, when the baby has a fever, keep breastfeeding as usual. Breast milk contains high nutrients so that it can help babies recover quickly.