Healthy Pediatric digestive tract for optimal body resistance

Healthy Pediatric digestive tract for optimal body resistance - the healthy digestive tract is very influential on the good immune system. The gastrointestinal condition will support a good immune system.

Healthy Pediatric digestive tract for optimal body resistance
From a medical journal, regarding the link between the digestive system -Healthy Pediatric digestive tract for optimal body resistance- and the immune system by Vighi et al. (2008) published in the British Society for Immunology, it is known that natural immune cells live in the healthy digestive tract, and represent almost 70% of the entire immune system. If the digestive tract is healthy, the stomach feels comfortable. The absorption of nutrients will take place properly, the metabolism is smooth, the body is protected, and the mood will be maintained.

Digestive Channels Influence Body Endurance

You may not realize beforehand that the gastrointestinal tract has an effect on the immune system of children.

Healthy Pediatric digestive tract for optimal body resistance
The intestinal condition is closely related to the natural immune system. Good bacteria in the intestine protect intestinal conditions and maintain digestive health. If this function does not work properly, the absorption of nutrients will also decrease, thus disrupting the immune system, and various diseases will easily attack.

Conversely, when the gastrointestinal tract is healthy, absorption of nutrients goes well. Of course, this will affect the optimal immune system.

Ways to Increase the Endurance of Children's Bodies

Child's immune system is closely related to gastrointestinal health. Therefore, do not ignore the health of the digestive tract. By ensuring children get balanced nutrition. In order for children to maintain healthy digestive tracts, make sure they eat enough fibrous foods, which are also known to be useful for preventing constipation and improving digestion. Nuts, fruits, and vegetables play an important role in meeting the needs of vitamins and minerals for the growth of children, by acting as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that can increase the body's resistance including the gastrointestinal tract to fight the causes of infection and inflammation, it is also useful as a source of nutrients needed to support intestinal health. However, do not forget the intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, iron, and fluids, to maintain the balance of nutrients needed by the body.

This healthy and fibrous intake also contains prebiotics, which are food sources that cannot be digested by the intestine, but are beneficial for the growth and development of good digestive bacteria called probiotics, so they can prevent and reduce and even help with various digestive disorders, such as inflammation and infection in the intestine. Thus, endurance can increase and the health of the digestive tract can be maintained properly.

Growth milk containing fiber, prebiotics such as FOS and GOS as a source of nutrition for good bacteria in the intestine, vitamins, and minerals, can be one of the complementary nutritional choices that you can give to children to maintain digestive health and endurance. Now there are so many choices of growth milk that can be tailored to the needs and conditions of the child, you can consult with a pediatrician to choose the appropriate type of milk.

So give children a balanced nutritional intake on a regular basis, and let them always actively carry out various activities, which are accompanied by adequate rest. These things are important to maintain children's growth, metabolism, and endurance.