Scraping Using Red Onions, Can Reduce Child Fever?

The use of shallots is still done by some parents when children have a fever. They believe that children will recover quickly if they are scraped using red onion smeared with telon oil or baby oil.

According to Meta Hanindita pediatrician, red onion has the effect of dilating blood vessels or validation. These effects can reduce the body temperature of a child who has a fever.

"But keep in mind that this onion can be irritating to the skin. Moreover, children's skin is still sensitive,"

Doctors who are also active in writing books about child development are also reminding parents, the basic principle of caring for children who have a fever is to make them comfortable. The aroma of shallots often makes many children uncomfortable.

" It's so bad that it doesn't smell ( onion ),"

The scientific way to treat fever in children

Fever is a normal reaction of the body to fight germs. At the time of fever, the body temperature is more than 37.5 degrees Celsius because it tries to expel bad bacteria.

Scientifically, there are several ways that can be proven to reduce the body temperature of a child who has a fever. One of them makes the child feel comfortable, by wearing clothes that are loose, soft, and absorb sweat.

"Give more fluids, compress and give febrifuge," Meta said.

If the fever does not improve after three days, does not want to drink at all, fever above 40 degrees Celsius, is very weak, and seizures, you should immediately see a doctor.