Avoid interfering with the sleepiness of a toddler because your disorder can make him not get the benefits of sleep which are very important for his health. 

Here are 6 benefits if children can sleep soundly: 

1. Happier

Children who sleep enough will be happier. Because according to research at the University of Massachusetts, USA, losing half an hour of sleep regularly causes an increase in feelings of depression and low self-esteem among a group of school-age children. So, don't be surprised if your little one will get irritated all day if you lack sleep. 

2. Healthy heart

Little one's snoring is often considered because he is tired. In fact, according to a recent study in Australia, children who snore, even lightly, have higher blood pressure and heart rate than children who don't snore. The researchers suspect that one of the causes of snoring in these children is because they often wake up at night. 

3. Ideal body weight

Toddlers who have less than 12 hours of sleep a day have up to 2 times more likelihood of being overweight at 3 years of age than those who sleep more than 12 hours. Thus the results of research at Harvard Medical School, USA. Another study found, every extra hour of children's sleep, beyond the recommended hours of sleep, could reduce the risk of being overweight by 9%.

4. The brain is more watery

With enough sleep, the child will use 3 or 4 areas of the brain to complete the task, said Dennis Molfese, Ph.D., who examined sleep schedules and the response rate of children aged 4 - 8 years. But, the lack of sleep makes the brain less coordinated and efficient. Skipping just 1 hour of sleep each night during the week can reduce your child's ability to concentrate. 

5. Increase immunity

Studies in adults show that sleeping at night less than 8 hours a day can make them 3 times more susceptible to flu. And it turns out, the same thing can happen to sleep-deprived children, said Jodi Mindell, associate director of the Sleep Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA. 

6. Reducing the risk of injury

If your child often falls, try to remember, does he enjoy quality sleep time? Because it turns out, children who are tired from lack of sleep 2 times more risk to experience an injury or accident than their friends who are fresh because they get enough sleep. As stated by scientists at the University of Rochester School of Nursing, USA.