Must Know, These Are 7 Effective Ways to Teach Children to Read

Seeing your child can read quickly, it might be one of the dreams of millennial parents. Especially after knowing that the ability to read well will help the child's brain development. But what needs to be observed, the purpose of reading teaching for preschoolers is to foster interest in reading to your child. Now, so that reading learning becomes a pleasant process for your child, apply the following 7 ways to the child.

1. Don't force the child to immediately be able to read so that the child is not burdened

Do not force children to learn to read, regardless of form. Especially for children under five. Avoid forcing children to understand everything quickly. You better give him a stimulus so he is accustomed to learning how to read naturally.

If it is forced to read when the child is not ready, he or she will have an unpleasant experience so that resistance arises. Of course, you don't want this, right?

2. Create a pleasant learning atmosphere

Do not impose on children a difficult and unpleasant lesson method. Have fun and make the mood of your little one happy and comfortable to receive lessons from you.

You can search for games that can help him get to know the word, you can also sing, stick posters with simple words on the little playground, display wall decorations bearing his name in his room, make daily activities a learning method, and so on.

3. Don't teach it alphabetically, but teach it with words

The author and founder of the Institutes for Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, Glenn Doman, spread a method of learning to read fast that can be applied to children. The method that is crowded with its pro-contests in the United States in 2009 is known as the Method Doman. According to this method, word forms are concrete, while letters are abstract. Well, teaching children will be easier on concrete things, not abstract things that make them think too deeply.

4. Perform the Glenn Doman method

One easy and simple way to teach children to read through word recognition is to use the steps from the Glen Doman Method. 
  • Create 15 words in the form of cards from cardboard and markers which are divided into 3 sets of categories. Each consists of a set of categories A, a different set of Category B and Category C sets.
  • Use the themes of names in family members in Set A (father, mother, aunt, grandfather, grandmother), a name of the fruit in Set B (apples, bananas, guava, oranges, durian), and animal names in Set C (chicken, ducks, geese, fish, horses).
  • Take one of the front cards or the first stack of cardboard in Set A, read it, and invite the child to imitate it.
  • No more than 1 second, take the card from behind and do the same as the first step.
  • Pay attention to the child's face when saying words, observe the words he likes and those who don't.
Don't ask the child to repeat the words you read. After reading five words, stop this lesson. Hug your little one and praise him so he knows you are proud of what he did.

5. Adjust the personality and age of the child

No need to set a target too high for your little one, enjoy the learning process that can be quality time for you and your child. Therefore, it is important that you teach it slowly, but regularly. Stop reading learning activities before a child gets bored, especially when he seems uninterested. Also make sure you adjust the teaching method to the child's personality and age because the development of each child is different.

6. Apply a healthy diet to support his ability to concentrate

A study in Finland states that a healthy diet is a way for children to read quickly. This study wants to show the benefits of healthy eating that parents sometimes do not realize and do for elementary school students, ranging from grade 1 to grade 3.

As a result, children's reading ability increases when children don't eat fatty and sweet foods. A healthy diet that can make children happy to read, including vegetables, fruit, fish, whole grains and unsaturated fats.

7. Read books early so that their reading interest has been honed since childhood

There are many factors that influence your child to be able to read quickly, one of which is to grow interested in reading it since childhood. This way, your child will be interested in learning to read so that it will facilitate the learning process as well. Buy your little one the book according to the age stage so that you can read the book from your baby at bedtime, while playing, on the trip, and anywhere.

What needs to be considered, all children can certainly read and write, only the time may vary because each child has a different development. So don't worry if other toddlers can read, while your little one can't. Good luck!

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