These Are Parents' Habits That Make Babies Sleep Difficulty

After a baby is born, Moms, Dads, and the whole family will surely welcome him happily. It seems, every time you want to always spend time with your little one, so forget the fact that babies do need more sleep than adults.

Babies need up to 17 hours of sleep in one day. By fulfilling the hours of sleep your little one can help grow and develop properly. But without realizing it, parents contribute to the difficulty of the Little One sleeping. Here are some 'sabotage' or disruptions that Moms and Dads often do:

Awake until late at night

It could be that you play with your little one late at night because you don't have much time to play during the day. But, sleeping too late makes the little one too tired so he will fuss and refuse to sleep.

Solution: Determine the right bedtime and discipline when applying it. When he starts rubbing his eyes and is tired, immediately sleep Little One. After he starts big, give a variety of activities between the hours of sleep, so that he is sleepy when his bedtime arrives.

Depends on Swing

There is nothing wrong with carrying and swinging the Little One to calm him down before going to sleep. However, make sure you don't swing it until you fall asleep because this can make the little one depend on the habit. "If a child is accustomed to sleeping in motion, such as swinging on a stroller, chances are that his sleep is not sound," said Marc Weissbluth, a pediatrician and author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.

Solution: Don't get used to depending on the stroller or car seat to be able to sleep. You can swing it for a while so that it is drowsy, then immediately move it into the box.

Excessive Sleep Lights

You might think that a colorful nightlight will help your child to sleep. Even though it will actually disturb and make it awake.

Solution: Keep toys, lights or music boxes that make your child interested. Condition the room dark and quiet. You can also use white noise, such as adjusting the fan but avoid directing it to the baby.

There is no routine

Like adults, babies and toddlers also need a consistent routine before going to bed.

Solution: Create a routine that makes your child comfortable before going to sleep, such as taking a warm bath, using pajamas, hugging, and ending with reading a fairy tale.

Directly holding

When sleeping, sometimes the little one cries. Because you can't stand hearing the cry, you immediately carry it, breastfeed, or change the diaper. After that, swing it back so he falls asleep.

Solution: Wait a few minutes before carrying the little one. Like adults, babies also sometimes wake up in the middle of the night. However, babies haven't mastered how to get back to sleep like you. Therefore, give your child a few minutes so he tries to calm himself.

Depends on Milk

The little one can fall asleep when feeding. This is normal, considering breastfeeding makes the little one calm and comfortable. It doesn't matter if you do this routine in the first 1-2 months. But, the Little One must learn to sleep without having to suckle.

Solution: Enter breastfeeding in a routine before going to bed, but not the last. That way, Little One will not associate it with sleep.