Bad Impact Of Parents Are Rarely Communication With Children

Having a healthy and smart child is the dream of parents. But this can be realized not to escape from the role of parents in supporting the growth and development of the child. However, what if Mama and Papa are busy with work and rarely even communicate and interact. What are the adverse effects if parents rarely communicate with children?

The work does take a lot of time for Mom and Papa for the little one. Let alone playing together, communication is difficult. Although the reason Mama and Papa work for the good of children. But still, your little one needs attention from both parents.

the lack of communication between parents and children makes their psychological relationship less close. For example, your child is more willing to be fed by a babysitter than with Mama. If it's like, how does Mama feel? Of course very sad.

For children less than 7 years old, physical closeness is something that is really needed. They cannot yet imagine a parent who is not nearby.

"Many people still think that physical closeness is enough, even though in-depth communication with spouses and children also needs to be created," said psychologist Anna Surti Ariani, MSi, who is familiarly called Nina.

According to Nina, parents also need to chat with children, listen and answer children's questions attentively. This is called quality communication.

In addition, Nina also continued that the lack of communication between children and parents would have a negative impact on children's emotional development. Even children will tend to be more individualistic and risk becoming rebels.

Even more severe is that children will tend to face many problems when they are adults. "Their households are vulnerable to divorce because they are not used to communicating in a relationship," he said.

The number of cases of adolescents who easily believe in strangers in foreign media is also due to the lack of communication with their parents when he was little. Because children tend to feel "empty" in their souls so they will look for other people to fill the gap.

Physical closeness with children should be a privilege that should be grateful because parents can see firsthand the development of children. By implementing effective communication, both families separated by distance and one roof family can prevent negative influences on children's development.